Our Programs

Lawn Program

  • Spring Feeding - Aeration / Seeding (extra); A Pre-emergent control & fertilization.
  • Late Spring Developer - A balanced fertilization and broadleaf weed control.
  • Summer Beautifier - Complete slow release fertilizer and post-emergent weed control as needed. Add fungicide as needed.
  • Late Summer Enhancer - A slow release granular fertilizer and post-emergent weed control & fungicide as needed.
  • Autumn Extender - Aeration / Seeding (extra) Fall fertilization & weed control.
  • Turf Winterizer - Provides hardiness & early spring green up.

Tree & Shrub Program

  • Dormant Oil - For the control of scale type and over-wintering insects.
  • Spring Feeding - Foliar fertilization & insect control.
  • Spring - Insect and disease control & fertilization.
  • Early Summer - Insect and disease control.
  • Summer - Insect and disease control.
  • Fall Feeding - Deep root fertilization.
  • Winterizer - Anti-desiccant spray for evergreens (add-on).

Our Services

Landscape Design & Installation

Landscape Design

At Advantage, we ask how you want to use your property and about the needs of your family members, then help you create both your short- and long-term plans. From the smallest to the largest jobs, we start with the basics of good design: combining function with form, and beauty with utility. Our landscape architects are experts at bringing together the ideas that will best meet your goals for your landscape.

Landscape Management


Advantage Lawns will install each element of your landscape with careful attention to every building and planting detail. Only the finest, fully guaranteed materials will be used, and we’ll be finished with your project only when you’re completely satisfied. Before we begin the installation, we’ll make sure that you have a clear understanding of our plans. Plus, we’ll always be available to talk should you have any questions or concerns throughout the process. Our goal is to complete every project on time and on budget.

Turf Care


Keeping your lawn looking great takes a lot of time and effort. Sure, you could do it yourself. But with your busy and active schedule, why spend so much time on your turf? Our crew will be on your property with the know-how and the right equipment automatically. From week to week we’ll keep your turf cut, trimmed and looking its best all season. We use Bobcat commercial-grade mowers, which always provide a clean cut and a professional look.

Irrigation System Installation & Service

Irrigation Hunter Rainbird

If you’re like most busy homeowners, you don’t really have the time to ensure that your lawn and landscape plantings are getting enough water. That’s where an automatic irrigation system from Advantage can help.

The beauty of an automatic irrigation system lies in its consistency. With features such as timers, independent station programming and rain shut-off devices, you can rest assured that your lawn, trees and shrubs are getting the right amounts of water at the right times of day.

Depending on the size and irrigation requirements of your property, Advantage can custom-design a system to match your budget and needs. Once installation is complete, you can count on us for regular maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. We offer winterizing and Spring turn-on for your new or existing irrigation system.

Insect/Disease Control


Once insects or diseases have become established in your landscape plants, the damage they do can be devastating. Both young and old trees and shrubs can suffer complete defoliation, and in extreme cases, plant death can occur.

By providing regular, visual inspections of your trees and shrubs, Advantage is able to nip potential problems in the bud. We’re experts at identifying and treating insect pests and diseases before they become a real problem.



Hydroseeding is an effective alternative to traditional methods of lawn seeding, especially when larger areas such as commercial sites or golf courses are involved. With this process, Advantage Lawns sprays a slurry of seed and mulch over the area to be seeded.

The mulch in the slurry helps to keep seeds and seedlings moist, and germination is quicker than with traditional seeding. Hydroseeding helps to inhibit soil erosion as well.

Shrub Pruning


Your shrubs will grow naturally on their own. However, professional pruning from Advantage Lawns can go a long way toward improving their appearance and health, especially for your flowering plants. And if you’re interested in having some new shrubs installed, we can help with that as well.

Perimeter Pest Control

Perimeter Pest Management

Insects find their way inside through crawl spaces, foundation cracks, loose-fitting doors and windows, dryer vents – and dozens of other tiny holes. But with perimeter pest control from Advantage, we can keep invading spiders and other insects outside where they belong.

We’ll apply an invisible barrier to the outside of your house in several visits. This service is very effective and can be done without ever entering your home.

Grub Control

Grubs live and feed in the soil. It’s easy to miss grubs as they gradually cut the roots out from under your lawn until brown patches begin to appear and they’re finally discovered. If you suspect grubs, pull back the turf. If the lawn pulls up easily (like new sod), you may find white grubs in the top inch or so of the soil.

Grubs don’t disappear on their own. They should be treated by Advantage before damage begins to appear, or as soon as they’re discovered. When discovered early enough in the year, a preventive treatment can be applied. When damage appears in the fall, a fast-acting curative treatment is needed.

Drainage Systems

Plant roots need oxygen. Water collecting in low areas forces oxygen out of the soil and can starve plant roots of the air they need. Also, wet areas usually have more weeds, and grass plants in these spots are more susceptible to waterborne diseases. There are many things to consider in fixing a drainage problem, and professional help is a good idea. The solution might be as simple as adding soil to a low area, or constructing a surface swale that runs downhill. Or, your situation may demand more sophisticated subsurface drainage.

If you have drainage system needs, Advantage can provide a solution that will ensure a more beautiful and valuable landscape!

We also provide:

Kudzu & Vegetation Control

Mole Control